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The · Most · Cracked-Out · Story · Ever

Chapter Forty-Nine: The Worst Mirrglburian King Ever.

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His name was Doris Myelin, and he was also known as Binky, and as we mentioned some time before this, he was the king at the time of Bismuth Sub-salicylate and Ann-Marie Roche-Moutonnee and the owner of that prized tom turkey whom he affectionately called Snookums.

Now, after having just read many, many accounts of the various kings of Mirrglbury and of their various reigns, you will have noticed that Mirrglbury has had a lot of very bad kings over the years. Now how, you are asking, how could Doris Myelin possibly have been worse than any of these kings? Like, for instance, how about that guy who burned down the whole city, way back at the beginning, Lars Bockwit? How could anyone possibly be a worse king than him? Or what about the dude we just read about, Dinkplutter Block, who nearly plunged the country into bankruptcy with his outrageous spending? I mean, this Doris Myelin had really better be a bad king in order for you to be claiming that he was the worst king that Mirrglbury had ever had. Because that's really saying something.

Well, I know. And believe me, he was. Allow me to prove it to you.
* * *