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The Most Cracked-Out Story Ever

(written for NaNoWriMo)

Haius Mooneyes, Evil Person Extraordinaire
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Let's see. Well, I grew up in an orphanage; went to work as a kitchen maid for a rich eccentric at 12; discovered I could hear peoples thoughts about that time; subsequently found I could also control them and accidentally killed a co-worker in the discovery; left my job to enter the Yem Genro School of Martial Arts, where I learned to fight and control my powers; worked as fight instructor for the Sok-Pho-Sok royal family for a while; and eventually joined forces with Song Fei Siral of Jhilang-Across-the-Sea. We fought crime together for a bit, recruiting other immortals along the way, but eventually he and I had a disagreement over certain moral aspects of our occupation. He afterwards vanished, leaving me to foster the Order we had established together. I got bored with fighting crime, betrayed my colleagues, unified the vampires and the demons, and established myself as a god. Then I took over the world.

That's pretty much it about me... This livejournal was for me to post the chapters of the novella I was writing, but now that I've finished it, well, jeez, I don't know what to do. Not like anybody reads this, yo. But, whatever. Stay tuned!
being evil, biking, destroying my enemies, doodling, geology, hiking, killing randomly, life, lord of the rings, making my enemies suffer, math, nanowrimo, plants, reading, richard brautigan, ruling the known world, silliness, star trek, star wars, stealing priceless art, stealing various magic talismans, turning against my friends, writing